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Paige Penney "Watch Out For Your Step" CD

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Paige Penney's debut EP "Watch Out For Your Step" 2019 EP was recorded at Dark Horse Recording(Where T.Swift recorded her first album!)in Nashville, TN and Damn Road Records in St.John's, NL! Paige is a fresh singer songwriter with an old soul! The song "Watch Out For Your Step" features Juno nominated Newfoundland trio The Once and "Shooting Star features a co-write with Alan Doyle.

1. Stop (Paige Penney/Kirk Penney)

2. Shooting Star (Alan Doyle/Paige Penney/Kirk Penney)

3. Get Outta Here (Michael August/Paige Penney/Kirk Penney)

4. Natural Disaster (Paige Penney)

5. Watch Out For Your Step featuring The Once (Paige Penney/Kirk Penney)

6. Leave A Mark (Paige Penney/Kirk Penney)

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